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The Early Music Group of Kiili has performed in many manors, churches, concert halls, but also on TV and radio programs. We have also made successful concert tours, performing in USA, Canada, Ireland, Finland, Sweden and Spain, as well as recorded three CDs.

Our current players are 13-22 years old students from music schools, Music High school and Music Academy , most of them have received prizes at national competitions. The listeners have admired the diverse program, musical qualities, interesting details in arrangements, our historic costumes, moving on stage and energy.

Quite often we collaborate with professional early music singers. Last three years we have cooperated with Tõnis Kaumann (baritone)

Since 2003 the group has given more then 400 concerts.

Heili Meibaum, the art director of the group, is a professional flutist (MA of playing flauto traverso). She has played with different groups with the best early music instrumentalists and singers in Estonia. She has also been flute- and recorder teatcher more than 20 years.

Contact usheili.meibaum@gmail.com      +3725219368

  28. novembril 15.30 Lasnamäe Muusikakoolis
  28. nov. 18.00 "Elav muusikaajalugu" Kostivere Kultuurimõisas
  2. dets. 12.20 Kohila mõisakoolis
  2. dets. 18.30 Saue Kontserdisaalis PĂĽhademuusika
  20.dets. 13.00 Laupa mõisas
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