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The Early Music Group of Kiili (Estonia) 

has a very extraordinary collaboration of different age groups of musicians (from 14 year old music students up to wellknown proffessional soloists) 

During 14 years of existence we have given more than 400 concerts in different venues in Estonia(manors, churches, concert halls, radio, television), produced 3 CDs, experienced welcoming audiences on tours to the USA, Canada, Ireland, Spain, Finland and Sweden.

We feature a great collaboration between young musicians from different age groups.

We have 14 performers, the youngers are 13 years old and some of the players study at different Music Academies in Europe already.

Most of our members have received prizes on competitions. Our intsruments include cembalo, flutes, recorders, violins, cellos, guitar and percussions. 

Additional bonus is a strong collaboration with professional singers. 

Our listeners have admired the diverse program, musical quality, our historic costumes,
interesting details, moving on stage, the relevant stories of the time and explanations about the music and its style. 

Please listen to two of our music examples with videos:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/early.music.kiili

Heili Meibaum, the art director of the group, is a professional flutist (MA of playing flauto traverso). She has played with different groups with the best early music instrumentalists and singers in Estonia. She has also been flute- and recorder teatcher more than 20 years.

Contact usheili.meibaum@gmail.com      +3725219368

  16.sept 18.00 VƤravatornis Elav muusikaajalugu -keskaeg ja renessanss
  PĆ¼hademuusika kontserdid tulekul
  21.dets.18.00 Anija mƵisas
  28. dets 18.00 PĆ¼hademuusika Niguliste kirikus
  4. jaan.18.00 PĆ¼hademuusika Kumna mƵisas
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